User-Centered Learning Experiences

Welcome to my portfolio!

My design process considers optimal learner experience in training and development. I also design curricula for international legal skills. Scroll down to link to my learning and digital media designs.

Tamara Lewis

Tamara Lewis

Effective workplaces ensure the skill and capacity of their workforce with purposeful and relevant skills. The design of both content and delivery of knowledge is a key factor in the overall ability of your team to do their jobs.

Effective training is achieved through proactive design by an experienced professional who delivers training and instructional design for both live and online platforms. I create and design workplace modules that incorporate audio and video resources, formative quizzes to ensure learning and resources to monitor and verify progress.

Data driven training and skilling also ensures that the modules are relevant and useful for employees and give a high return on investment for organizations.

Explore the pieces in my portfolio (above) to experience my designs!

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