Legal Skills for the Future to be Acquired Online

Fast-paced global environments dictate the need for trend anticipation by legal professionals to keep ahead of the game.

How do you ensure that you have the skills necessary to practice in today’s global legal market? Do you get those skills by studying in a formal law school environment? Are they honed only after you start your career? Is it possible to learn them on your own?

The answer to these questions just may be yes, yes, yes and, again, yes.

Learning is multi-faceted. You don’t get all your learning at one time nor in one place. Everyone acquires knowledge at different paces and in different formats. In-class, online, on-the-job or even on-the-spot — these are all legitimate ways to learn.

There is one thing that never changes. All legal practitioners must continually update their skills to remain abreast of current technology and other trends in the field. The future of legal skills will be online coursework and resources that are frequently updated and modified to reference current trends in the field.

A recent Business Insider piece traces four online platforms that offer university-level coursework to anyone with world wide web access. Why should legal education be any different? Several US law schools now offer blended learning courses where students partially complete classes online. European (mostly UK-based) master’s of laws programs are offering complete degree course offerings online.

The trend is toward online learning and continuous updating of skills. Join the disruption. Update your legal skills to make yourself marketable for today’s jobs!



Legal Skills Lecturer in The Netherlands. (J.D. Columbia University; PhD Maastricht University International Human Rights Law.)

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